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OUR Value Proposition

  • One of the fastest growing real estate brokerages in the United States
  • Google Trends predicts that Realty One Group will continue to be a market leader with the potential to be a "disruptor" in the real estate market -- we have the ability to create change, and we want you to be a part of it.
  • Fortune 500 Company seven years in a row, with 11,000+ Agents and over 150 offices throughout the US
  • Local, luxury image and branding to achieve optimal real estate success 
  • 24 /7 online training available through ONE University with additional optional mentorship programs and regular opportunities to attend national corporate events.
  • CRM (MoxiWorks) - with individual agent QR codes for lead capture ($75.00+ monthly estimated value outside of Realty ONE Group)
  • Brick and mortar real estate office location, managed by a local Broker 
  • Agent website customizable to your niche market with integrated IDX - ($75.00+ month estimated value outside of Realty ONE Group)
  • ListHUB Global - Marketing broadcasted to  100+ International websites in more than 60 countries including foreign language translation services for listings over $250,000. There is also an extended network of over 750 additional sites to reach a global audience ($68.00 month with limited exposure outside of Realty One Group)
  • Free marketing with eblasts for listings over $200,000.  Approved videos will be marketed on our Realty ONE Group Skyline YouTube channel and our Facebook business page to boost your listing's exposure  ($35.00 estimated value per e-blast.)
  • Dotloop or Skyslope, which platform works for your business?  We provide the flexibility of two systems for compliance based on agent preference.  Please noet that Dotloop carries a fee of  $25.00 a month.  ($30.00 estimated value.) 
  • Agents are PAID  at the closing table (subject to compliance requirements.)
  • Cutting-edge technology & paperless office capabilities (zONE) with apps & tools for greater effectiveness & efficiency (Proprietary service - $200+ month estimated value outside of Realty One Group)
  • Two downtown Sarasota office locations with collaborative workspace in addition to the availability of both semi-private and private offices and well as a commercial kitchen. 
  • Six conference rooms in two different Sarasota Downtown locations, with potential for additional conference rooms through affiliate partnerships.  Most conference rooms are set up with an HD full-screen projector, wireless casting, video conferencing and Wi-Fi. 
  • Affiliate Title Company with access to legal counsel. 
  • Established REO Department with access to pre-inventory bank owned properties 
  • Transaction Coordinator - Optional Service / $295.00 per transaction 
  • Broker/Owner with over 32 years of experience in the Sarasota marketplace




NO! - E&O Expense - (E&O Insurance Provided)

NO! - Yearly Franchise Fee

NO! - Multi-Level Marketing (perception of "Profit Share"or "Stock Ownership" - BS!)

NO! - Additional Fees to build a Team -(Team Leader/Agent determine their own splits).

NO! - Listing Hostage, if you decide to move on.



OUR Gallery - 665 S. Orange - Suite #7, Sarasota FL 34236

Located adjacent to the Burns Court neighborhood, this location is just a couple blocks away from Burns Court Cinema, fine restaurants, Selby Gardens, Sarasota Bay and Main Street.  The location is vibrant and receives a lot of foot traffic throughout the year, during art walks and special events (including the annual Chalk Festival).


BOLD - 1680 Fruitville Road, Sarasota FL 34236

Centrally located in Sarasota's vibrant downtown district, just a couple of blocks away from Main Street. There is an abundance of great, locally owned restaurants, shopping, and a Whole Foods supermarket within an easy walk.  Free guest parking available in front of the building, with free parking around the building as well as "all day free" parking (across the street), North of Fruitville.  *office space affiliation


HUB - 1343 Main Street, Downtown Sarasota

Located in one of the most affluent areas in Sarasota (adjacent to the corner of Main Street and Palm Avenue), this is impressive place  to meet clients, have lunch, dinner or socialize on the roof-top bar at Art Ovation, just a block away. .  There is a parking garage around the corner on Palm Avenue.  * office space affiliation


Fun Environment

BOLD - The foyer offers a retro, downtown vibe with a gourmet snack bar (coming soon) and outdoor tables.  The state-of-art building is secure after hours and on weekends with an F.A.V. entrance for business occupants.  The Realty ONE Group Skyline office is located on the third floor with co-op facilities.  

* office space affiliation 


FILM / PHOTO Studio -

BOLD - The foyer offers a retro, downtown vibe with a gourmet snack bar and outdoor tables.  The state-of-art building is secure after hours and on weekends with an F.A.V. entrance for business occupants.  The Realty ONE Group Skyline office is located on the third floor with co-op facilities.  

* office space affiliation 


Six Conference Rooms

BOLD & HUB - Most conference rooms are set up with an HD (some with, full-screen projectors, wireless screen casting, video conferencing, and Wi-Fi.)
* office space affiliation


Kitchen Work Space

BOLD - During office hours, this is a great place to work with plenty of outlets and Wi-Fi. After hours, this is an ideal space for networking and social events. 

* office space affiliation.



BOLD - The commercial-grade kitchen is complete with a large screen TV, liquor bar (locked ... until we are ready for a party), two commercial refrigerators, two sinks, plenty of counter space, beer tap, and popcorn machine for fun.  

* office space affiliation


Work Stations

BOLD & HUB - Work stations are available with outlets and Wi-Fi to work from your laptop. Shared and private offices are also available. 

* office space affiliation


Casual Space

BOLD & HUB - There are multiple relaxed spaces within the office to have informal meetings and conversations.  

* office space affiliation

Q & A


There are many other 100% Commission Brokerages ... Why Realty ONE Group Skyline?

The significance of a real estate brokerage gets down to the Value Proposition they offer their agents.  With confidence and certainty, Realty ONE Group is the best choice as a 100% Commission Brokerage for multiple reasons: 1). We enjoy a national presence with exceptional resources and a potential referral base of 10,000+ agents throughout the United States; 2). Our company and office image is positioned to attract an audience of affluent buyers and sellers, as well as the overall audience of buyers and sellers;  3). The company is tangible, with bricks-and-mortar offices in the market areas we serve; 4). Realty ONE Group is leading the way as one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the United States, and is rapidly moving into global real estate markets as well.  5).The Realty ONE Group Skyline office is built around the collaboration of talent, marketing resources, and backed with a local history of real estate experience and success. 

What do you offer in the way of Training and Leads?

We believe in one-on-one mentorship and have many different opportunities for this, depending on where you are at in your experience level.  We also provide you with access to; ONE University, which is an online-video platform to learn what you need to learn, as you need the information.   If you choose to become a member of one of our real estate teams, then receiving leads is part of the value proposition, depending on your individual agreement with the team leader.   

Is the Real Estate Broker of Realty ONE Group Skyline, a competing Broker?

There is often a misconception that a real estate broker that also works in real estate sales is compromising service to his agents and company.  In contrast, unfortunately many broker/owners, real estate managers, or team leaders have never had a "successful" career  in real estate sales, yet are in the position to be the Mentor to the agents (?).   Troy Funk, has be a licensed real estate agent in Sarasota for 32 years and in that time has has multiple years of selling over 100+ properties a year with this team.  He is well qualified to be a broker and to help his agents reach their potential as he also runs a REO sales business and works with past clients.   

How do "Real Estate Teams" work within Realty ONE Group Skyline?

Real Estate Teams are the new normal and will continue to be the role model for the future. Successful real estate team builders can make substantially more income than their Broker...and that is OK (because they deserve to)! We embrace teams and can help you grow your team by connecting you with agents who are looking to join a team. A great real estate team provides mentorship and is a potential source of consistent, solid leads for each agent on its team. With such a strong value proposition, team leaders deserve to be compensated for providing this opportunity. We encourage new agents to pay all their own Realty ONE Group Skyline fees and join a team without the added expense to their team leader. However, we also respect the individual relationships between a "Team Builder Agent" and a "Team Member Agent," and allow them to agree to a compensation model that works best for them. 

Can I have my own office space outside of the BOLD office building?

Yes, but first we have to clarify the understanding of "office space." If you maintain a private office outside our office location to meet clients and represent on the internet and to the public that that location is your "office," then that location has to be approved as a branch office under the brokerage of Realty ONE Group, with qualifications, fees, and approval. However, if you work from your house, or have your own private space to work from, which is not represented to the public  to be a real estate office, then that is your right.


Do you use Dotloop or Skyslope for online storage management?

Our primary operating system within the company is Skyslope (free to our agents), however if an agent is accustom to Dotloop and wants to use Dotloop instead of Skyslope,  this option is available for just $25.00 a month. 

Can I join, without paying fees?

Experienced agents that join, may be able to have the option of having their monthly fees "deferred"  until their first closing with Realty ONE Group Skyline, subject to Broker approval. 


Bobby Maginas


Started as a newer agent with Realty One Group and happy I did.  Would have to say Troy is a pleasure to work for.  His experience and hands on generosity of knowledge has helped me excel past competition and shine in the competitive industry.  Couldn't imagine working anywhere else!!

Roger Dare-Slaalien


This is a dynamic, exciting place to grow your business.  The atmosphere of excitement is contagious. I am so glad I joined when I did. I am fired up everyday. The support staff here is incredibly helpful. I highly recommend checking out Realty One Group Skyline.


Marketing, Personal Videos, and Websites


Our office environment is a collaboration of many dynamic entrepreneurs and creative artists.  Because of this, we can bring proven talent to your business with our recommended videographers, graphic designers, and photographers.  

Image...Signs, Business Cards, etc.


Your professional image will impact your income in real estate sales. Associating with Realty ONE Group will bring you the level of success you desire. Brand yourself with a national network that supports the best you can be.

Aerial and Professional Photography


Exceptional photography is critical to successfully marketing real estate via the web. We have experienced vendors available who provide the highest quality aerial and ground images for your listings and marketing materials at group-value pricing. 


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